The PHS System

PHS offers you a modular system that can be extended step by step.
For small jobs the manual etching unit ME 400 is available.
For inscribing a greater number of pieces, we offer various basic versions of semiautomatics, which can easily be specially geared to your requirements.
A complete and distinct working area is created by extending a semiautomatic with a desk and storage surfaces.
The integration of our etching units into existing production areas is easily and economically possible on account of this building block principle.

Films and Stencils

For the manufacture of stencils a reprofilm will be necessary. This film will be prepared by us from your material, e.g. letter paper, data stored on floppy disc or a transmission via ISDN. With this film stencils will now be prepared in the required quantity. Already in this phase of the production our in-house use of the most up-to-date technology guarantees optimum inscription quality.


To inscribe varying materials different electrolytes are necessary. The continuous refinement of our electrolytes enables many metals to be etched without corroding. The manufacture of the electrolytes of course takes place on our premises.

Control Units

Because safety is of utmost importance at PHS, the etching units are CE labelled. Relevant test records can of course be requested.

PHS always keeps accessories such as felts, conductive nets etc. in stock for its customers, so that in this area also short delivery times are guaranteed.